Famous Mormon Engineers and Inventors

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Jonathan Browning

He was a judge in Quince, Illinois when the Mormons were being driven from Missouri. He was curious about the new comers and set off to meet their prophet. When news reached his home that he had joined the Mormons, he and his family were ostracized, so they moved to Nauvoo. The guns he made in Nauvoo feature an engraved plate on the stock reading ``Holiness to the Lord - Our Preservation.” He died in Utah.

  His descendants restored his home and shop in Nauvoo in the 1970s,

John Moses Browning


The most famous firearms designer the world has ever known with the greatest firearms inventory in history. With 128 firearm patents, John M. Browning’s inventions have marked every armed conflict from World War I through Desert Storm. Browning.htm

William Clayton


He invented the odometer during the journey across the plains in his covered wagon.


History of the odometer

Almon H. Clegg

He is a pioneer in the revolution of digital audio, was instrumental in development of digital recording and the digital audio disc which led to the compact disc revolution. He is a fellow member of the Audio Engineering Society; a life member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) and author of many technical papers on audio and acoustics. He was chairman of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) responsible for setting standards in audio, video and multimedia systems for world standardization; engineering and management executive for Matsushita Electric Industries (Panasonic, Quasar, Technics, etc.); and recording engineer for Denon recordings of classical music. Email Almon Clegg

Audio Engineering Society

Don Carlos Edwards
He mixed ketchup with mayonnaise, pickle juice and a special blend of spices to create the popular regional treat known as fry sauce. He produced it himself, bottled it by the gallon and sold it on the street and to all of his Arctic Circle franchises. What the heck is fry sauce?

Philo T. Farnsworth
He developed and invented electronic television. He lived in Idaho, and the first image he transmitted was an image of his wife.

Famous Mormons website dedicated to Philo


  Robert B. Ingebretsen In 1999, he received an Academy Award for his pioneering work in digital sound.  Ingebretsen and his mentor, Thomas Stockham, invented technology that translated analog sound into a digital format -- a discovery that eventually led to the development of compact discs.
Source: Scientist Ingebretsen Dies of Heart Failure at 54 by Brandon Griggs Salt Lake Tribune, 07 Mar 2003

James LeVoy Sorenson

Mr. Sorenson, whose wealth was estimated to be $4.5 billion by Forbes magazine, when he was  86 years old. He was listed as the 68th-richest American in September 2007. He was an entrepreneur, real estate magnate and inventor of numerous medical devices. Mr. Sorenson held more than 40 medical patents in his lifetime and is perhaps best known for co-developing the first real-time computerized heart monitor. He also invented the disposable paper surgical mask, the plastic venous catheter and a blood recycling system for trauma and surgical procedures, as well as many other medical innovations. Mr. Sorenson also was a poet and composer of LDS hymns, publishing some of them in a book titled, "Just Love the People, the World Is our Family." (Deseretnews.com)



Some things invented by Mormons, Adherents.com

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