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Glenn A. Baker
radio announcer
 In 2002 he was a stage presenter at the Corporate Countdown charity event at Sydney's Hordern Pavillion. "His is the opinion and analysis which Australian radio, television and press turns to when a major event or passing occurs in rock." 
Source: Australia Day
Dinkum Aussies
Glenn Beck
Radio and Television talk show host
    "You never know which one will dominate The Glenn Beck Show. He talks about the day's events with passion, humor and sarcasm. He is winning some listeners, angering others, and leaving some scratching their heads. But this is not surprising when you consider the tangle of contradictions that is Glenn Beck. Beck expounds on spirituality (he is Mormon)..."
Source: KSDO

     Coming to terms with his past and staying sober shifted his life direction. He found a new love (his second wife, Tania), religion (he was baptized Mormon in 2000), and a new vision of his career Ė he would pursue talk radio. Soon after his baptism, Glenn received a call from an agent who was interested in representing him.

About joining the church:
"Itís had a tremendous impact on me; itís tempered me. Itís made me more responsible for my actions."

Source: Herald Dispatch, May 19, 2003.

Glennís best friend, Pat Gray, baptized him. See Pat Gray's write up below  

Rockin' Rob Boshard
Radio Announcer
     Rob Boshard is a well known disk jockey on the highly rated Oldies 94.1 in Salt Lake City from 
KFMY [Provo UT] 1982
KIKI [Honolulu] 1985
KISN [Salt Lake City UT] 1986
KODJ [Salt Lake City] 1994

January 2009 Rob Boshard, popular KODJ personality left full time radio for a few years for employment with the  LDS Church. 




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