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"Ronald Reagan truly admired the Latter-day Saints.  His administration included more members of the Church than any other American president, ever.  Three of us, David Fischer, Gregory Newell and I, served on his personal White House staff.  Richard Wirthlin was his chief strategist.  Ted Bell served as Secretary of Education, Angela Buchanan was Treasurer, Rex Lee was Solicitor General.  His White House included Roger Porter, Brent Scowcroft, Richard Beal, Blake Parish, Jon Huntsman Jr., Dodie Borup and Rocky Kuonen, and there were many other Latter-day Saints throughout his Administration.  President Thomas S. Monson served on a Presidential Commission on Volunteerism.  Others were ambassadors.  LDS senators and representatives were held in special regard, and the Tabernacle Choir was his special inaugural guest." -Stephen M. Studdert, Special Assistant to President Reagan
Source: "President Reagan respected Church," Church News


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Bob Bennett
US Senator
US Senate in 1992 - 2010 .  He served as chief deputy whip.  In this capacity, he helped set the senate agenda and schedule and served as a key advisor on the senate leadership team. 


  Terrel Bell
Secretary of Education
He was born in Idaho.  He served as a Marine seargeant during World War II, earned a Ph.D. in education from the University of Utah.  He taught at the high school level and served as professor at Utah State University.  President Reagan appointed him secretary of education.  He established the National Commission on Excellence in Education in 1981 and issued the 1983 report, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform.

Ezra Taft Benson
US Secretary of Agriculture
In 1952 the newly elected president, Dwight David Eisenhower, requested Ezra to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture. He was reluctant to mix Church and State but President McKay urged him to accept. He served with honor and integrity for the entire eight years of Eisenhower's two terms. Although there was a firestorm of criticism as he sought to dismantle the bloated bureaucracy that had overseen agriculture during the war, no one ever questioned Secretary Benson's integrity.
Rob Bishop
Republican Utah
On January 7, 2003, Rob Bishop was sworn in as the new Congressman from Utah's First Congressional District, replacing the retiring Representative Jim Hansen
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Bay Buchanan
Photo: Clare Boothe Lucy Policy Institute
Angela "Bay" Buchanan
US Treasurer
She is sister to Pat Buchanan, former presidential candidate.  Their family is Irish-Catholic.  She is called "Bay" because her brothers called her the "bay-bay."  In 1981, President Reagan appointed her to serve as Treasurer of the United States.  At the age of 32, she was the youngest person to hold that office since its establishment in 1775.  (Her signature can still be found on older greenbacks.)  She joined the Church in 1982.  In 1998, she appeared on television as co-host of CNBC's political show Equal Time.  She now leads an educational foundation dedicated to advancing traditional conservative issues.


Sisters in Arms, March 4, 1996

Berkeley Bunker
US Senator
He would be celebrated as the first Southern Nevadan, and first Nevada Mormon, to hold national office.  A member of a pioneer Mormon family, who found himself thrust into a national office after a key official died, returned to the city he loved and made himself and his family proud. The First 100 persons who shaped Southern Nevad
Chris Cannon
First elected in 1996, defeating three-term Representative Bill Orton. He was one of only three Republicans defeating Democrat incumbents in the 1996 election.



Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon
State Senator
She was trained as a physician at the University of Michigan. She was a suffragist, and became the first female state senator in American history. In 1886, rather than testify against her husband in federal court (for polygamy), she fled, with her baby, into hiding in England.

Howard W. Cannon


US Senator

Former Democratic Senator Howard Cannon, who once survived 42 days behind enemy lines after his plane was shot down during World War II Cannon was praised for his efforts to help win passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Panama Canal Treaty.
Jason E. Chaffetz

U.S. Representative

Jason E. Chaffetz is U.S. Representative for Utah's 3rd congressional district, first elected in 2008. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Chaffetz converted to Mormonism in his college years. He attended Brigham Young University on an athletic scholarship, and was the starting placekicker on the BYU football team in 1988 and 1989. He still holds the BYU individual records for most extra points attempted in a game, most extra points made in a game, and most consecutive extra points made in a game.  His father had previously been married to Democratic Governor, Michael Dukakis' wife, Katherine, and his half-brother is former actor John Dukakis. While a student at BYU, he was a Utah co-chairman for Michael Dukakis's 1988 campaign for U.S. President.


J. Reuben Clark
Undersecretary of State
In 1910, he was appointed U.S. State Department Solicitor. In 1928, he was appointed Undersecretary of State. In 1930, he was appointed ambassador to Mexico. In 1933, he retired from public life and accepted the calling as counselor to Presidents Heber J. Grant. He later served as a counselor to President George Albert Smith and President David O. McKay.

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Mormons are well represented in politics and government. (In the United States, for example, there are 16 members in Congress, from both political parties.) Members also serve in high and trusted positions throughout the world in business, medicine, law, education, media, sports, and entertainment.  Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits Elder M. Russell Ballard 177th Semiannual General Conference.

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