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"Ronald Reagan truly admired the Latter-day Saints.  His administration included more members of the Church than any other American president, ever.  Three of us, David Fischer, Gregory Newell and I, served on his personal White House staff.  Richard Wirthlin was his chief strategist.  Ted Bell served as Secretary of Education, Angela Buchanan was Treasurer, Rex Lee was Solicitor General.  His White House included Roger Porter, Brent Scowcroft, Richard Beal, Blake Parish, Jon Huntsman Jr., Dodie Borup and Rocky Kuonen, and there were many other Latter-day Saints throughout his Administration.  President Thomas S. Monson served on a Presidential Commission on Volunteerism.  Others were ambassadors.  LDS senators and representatives were held in special regard, and the Tabernacle Choir was his special inaugural guest." -Stephen M. Studdert, Special Assistant to President Reagan
Source: "President Reagan respected Church," Church News


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Curtis J. Clawson

Curtis J. Clawson is a member of the 114th United States congress a  Representative for Florida's 19th congressional district. He is the former chief executive of Hayes Lemmerz, a Michigan-based automobile wheel and brakes supplier

Delwin Morgan Clawson

Mayor of Compton Congressman Eighty-eighth Congress


Delwin Morgan Clawson  (born January 11,1914 in Thatcher , Arizona)  served as mayor of Comptan, California  from 1957 until 1963. He was elected as a  Republican to the Eighty-eighth Congress, . He was reelected to the seven succeeding Congresses and served until his retirement at the end of his last term on December 31, 1978 . He died in Downey California on May 5,1992 .   wikipedia.org

From Time Magazine Jun 21, 1963:     Last week, saxophone-playing Del Clawson won easily, with 33,086 votes to 21,951 for Porter, the runner-up. A Mormon who says he feels "emotionally close to George Romney but philosophically closer to Barry Goldwater," Clawson for several years has mailed paperback copies of Goldwater's Conscience of a Conservative as Christmas cards. In his first term as mayor of Compton, he eliminated bonded indebtedness and reduced city tax rates by one-third, was promptly re-elected in 1961.



Eldridge Cleaver

Ran for President on the Peace and Freedom Movement


Leroy Eldridge Cleaver,  born in 1935) socio-cultural theorist, and minister. Born in Wabbaseka, Arkansas, Eldridge Cleaver moved west to Los Angeles in 1946, where his family lived in an impoverished African American/Chicano neighborhood. In 1953 and 1957 Cleaver was convicted for narcotics possession and assault and spent almost thirteen years in the California penitentiary system.

By the late 70s, Cleaver had experimented with a number of religious groups–most notably Sun Moon’s.   Not surprisingly, his views of Mormonism were strongly colored (no pun intended) by the negative views of the Church within the Black Power movement.   Cleaver’s first “Mormon contact,” interestingly, was with Carl Loeber, an activist with the Peace and Freedom party that sponsered Cleaver’s presidential run who had joined the Church in 1970 as he renunciated the Black Power movement. Cleaver met with Elder Paul H. Dunn (then administrator for California) and would be later introduced by Loeber to Cleon Skousen during a Know Your Religion class in San Jose.   Cleaver even traveled to Salt Lake City to meet with President Ezra Taft Benson. Cleaver was baptized in December 1983  mormonmatters.org


Mike Crapo
US Senator
Michael Dean "Mike" Crapo   First elected to the Senate in 1999.  He previously served in Congress as a representative from Idaho.
Source: 13 Legislators re-elected by Jason Swensen, Church News, 13 Nov 2004, Page 7
John Doolittle
 First elected in 1994, representing California's fourth district. The 4th Congressional District stretches from the eastern Sacramento Region to Lake Tahoe on the south and runs up the Sierra Nevada range to the high desert of Modoc County on the Oregon border in the north. For the 108th Congress, Doolittle was elected as the Secretary of the House Republican Conference, the sixth highest ranking elected position in the House Leadership. He comes up for re-election again in Nov 2006.
Source: 13 Legislators re-elected by Jason Swensen, Church News, 13 Nov 2004, Page 7
Larry EchoHawk

Head of the US Bureau of Indian Affairs


Larry EchoHawk is an attorney and legal scholar. EchoHawk joined the administration of U.S. President He became the head of the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. He served as Attorney General of Idaho from 1991 to 1995, the first Native American elected to a constitutional statewide office. He served as Attorney General of Idaho from 1991 to 1995, the first Native American elected to a constitutional statewide office.  
Eni F.H. Faleomavaega
Delegate to U.S. Congress
American Samoa
First elected in 1988, he is currently serving in his eighth term representing American Samoa. He graduated from BYU. He served three years in Vietnam. He served as administrative assistant to Chief A. U. Fuimaono (American Samoa's first elected non-voting Congressional delegate from 1973 to 1975). He is married and has five children. 
Source: Info Please
Jeff Flake
First elected in 2000, he is currently serving his third term, representing the Arizona’s sixth district. This district includes parts of Mesa and Chandler and all of Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction. He comes up for re-election again in Nov 2006.
Source: 13 Legislators re-elected by Jason Swensen, Church News, 13 Nov 2004, Page 7
Jake Garn

Senator Utah


Garn was chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee and served on three subcommittees: Housing and Urban Affairs, Financial Institutions, and International Finance and Monetary Policy. He also was a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and served as Chairman of the HUD-Independent Agencies Subcommittee. He served on four other Appropriations subcommittees: Energy and Water Resources, Defense, Military Construction, and Interior. Garn served as a member of the Republican leadership from 1979 to 1984 as Secretary of the Republican Conference.

Garn spent time as an astronaut  astronaut.  At the conclusion of the mission, Garn had traveled over 2.5 million miles in 108 Earth orbits, logging over 167 hours in space as the world's first space tourist . The space sickness  he experienced during the journey was so severe that NASA named the "Garn scale" of space sickness after him, and he was quickly dubbed "Barfin' Jake" by his Senate colleagues.


Jim Gibbons
First elected in 1998, he is currently serving his fourth term representing Nevada's second district.  He comes up for re-election again in Nov 2006.  He served in the USAF attaining the rank of colonel.  His service included tours in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf and the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross for his extraordinary achievement while participating as an RF-4C Flight Leader in the Gulf War.  On this mission, he flew an unarmed aircraft on a vital reconnaissance mission to acquire politically sensitive imagery of enemy targets in Kuwait.  His resume also includes work as a commercial airline pilot and a state representative.


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