Famous Mormons in Rodeo and Horseracing

  Nathan Baldwin
Tie down roping
Baldwin grew up in Iona and Rexburg, Idaho.  He served a full-time mission in Costa Rica.  He specializes in tie down roping (Formerly called "Calf Roping").

Photo: Courtesy of the cowboy's family
Earl Bascom
Hall of Fame

He was born in Utah and raised in Alberta.  He started rodeo in 1916 at the age of ten.  He was a champion in saddle bronco riding, bareback riding, bull riding and steer wrestling.  In 1922 he invented the hornless bronco riding saddle.  Two years later he invented the one-hand bareback rigging.  He also invented the side-delivery rodeo chute.  Upon retiring from rodeo, he became an accomplished cowboy sculptor.  In 2000, he became the first Mormon inducted into the Cowboy Memorial Museum, located in Caliente California.
 Rodeo Innovations of Earl Bascom by John Bascom, About Inventors


  Bucky Bradford 1976 World Champion team roper joined the church shortly before his death in Arizona.
  Guy Cash Saddle Bronc Champion 1939



Shawn Davis
Head coach
(Southern Idaho)

painting was commissioned by the PRCA

Lewis Field Lewis Field" was the 1987 All Around Cowboy for the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association.  1985 Las Vegas NFR, roughstock sensation Lewis Field of Elk Ridge, Utah, easily captured the world bareback riding title in what became his first of three world all-around championships.

The familiar Field name is back in the circuit finals  year as Lewis Feild's son Shadrick qualified for the event before leaving to serve a Mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Lewis Field won a number of circuit titles and five world titles during his career.



Hutch Haslem

Montana State Rodeo

Haslem, agreed he's different than the 19-year-old who opted to go on his mission before he set out for college. He wanted to go then, he said, because he worried he might change his mind about it. His mission took him to rural western Oklahoma and northern Texas, and the people he met there weren't a whole lot different than the folks from his home town of Morgan, Utah.

Haslem, who was Utah's state high school champion all-around cowboy in 2004, has always been a rough stock cowboy, focusing on bareback and bull riding. It's no surprise he liked those events best. His father had done some bull riding, and one of the family's Morgan neighbors is Lan LaJeunesse, a two-time world bareback champion.

Cody Hancock

Professional bull riding world champion

World champion bull rider Cody Hancock.   The young rodeo star comes from good bloodlines. His father Ray rode bulls in the Turquoise Circuit and has made four trips to the National Senior Pro Rodeo Finals. "My dad loves to go to rodeos with me and he still gets on bulls, Hancock said. We get along real well and he has helped me a lot. He drove all the way to Calgary and watched me ride and then helped me get home. He has always been there for me." His mother Twila has also been a big supporter of the young champion. "If Dad was with me on the road then mom was taking care of things at home, Hancock continued. My parents were there all 10 days and it was great to have them at NFR to share the win."

Hancock's younger brother Wyatt is also involved with rodeo and spent a year at CSI before serving an LDS mission in Alaska with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Cody has also served an LDS mission and says it helped him to become a stronger person mentally and spiritually.

"My faith helps me stay focused," says Hancock. "I don't drink alcohol or chew tobacco and I've gotten a lot of respect from guys on the road. I think kids need guys to look up to in rodeo and hopefully I can be a positive influence."

equisearch.com   www.codyhancock.com


Raymond Knight
Father of Canadian rodeo

1st Stampede in Canada.
July 1902Ray Knight suggested that the cowboys of the surrounding ranches ought to compete against each other and, if they agreed to do so, he would provide the stock. In July of 1902, only two events were held  - steer roping and bronc riding. Ray Knight was a sugar and sheep baron of the Southland.

  Art Lund
  Chris Lybbert
Rodeo Champion
He was the all around national rodeo champion in 1982 and the national calf roping champion in 1986.
Source: Hickok Sports
  Dee Picket
  Dale D. Smith He was inducted in the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1995 from Arizona.   He is an all-around timed-event cowboy.  He won world team roping titles in 1956 and 1957.  In 1959, he went to the first National Finals Rodeo in three events: team roping, tie-down roping and steer roping, the first cowboy in professional rodeo history to accomplish that outstanding feat.   In 2000, he was awarded the Ben Johnson Memorial Award.   Now a successful rancher, he attributes his success in business to professional rodeo.   His horse, Poker Chip, is buried in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.
Wyatt Smith Wyatt is the current National High School Rodeo All-Around Champion and National High School Rodeo Steer Wrestling Champion.  He lives in Rexburg, Idaho.  He is 18 and has just completed his first year in College Rodeo, attending Central Wyoming College.  He has started his pro Rodeo career and will be attending the College National Finals in June.

High School Accomplishments: 2006 National High School Rodeo Finals All Around Cowboy, 2006 National High School Rodeo Finals Steer Wrestling Champion


  Rex Ellsworth
Breeder of race horses
Childhood friend and business partner of Meshach Tenney.  Served a mission in Africa.  Achieved fame in horse racing when his horse, Swaps, became the first California bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby.
Sources: Second Running

Les Hulet riding Fio Rito, a New York bred horse that won many races with Les on him.

Les Hulet
Hall Of Fame 1999
His official career began in 1970.   Arriving in 1972, He became leading rider at Finger Lakes in 1977 with 158 wins for the year.   He won the title again in 1979 with 160 wins, and in 1980 with 149 wins.   In 1984, Hulet again led the standings with 187 wins.   And in 1985 earned his 5th "Leading Rider" title with a career best 198 wins.   More than just a talented rider, Hulet's wit, tact and diplomacy made him a natural choice as head of the local Jockey's Guild and a favorite of Finger Lakes horsemen and fans.   On August 20, 1999 Les Hulet reached the amazing milestone of 3,800 victories aboard Instinctive pro, and his career total of 3,816 wins ranks him 38th all-time among jockeys.  
Source: Finger Lakes Racing Association

Photo: Horse Races.net
Johnny Longden
Hall of Fame
He was born in Yorkshire, England.  He was the first to win 6,000 races.  He was also the first to ride 4,000 winners.  He rode Count Fleet to Triple Crown in 1943.  He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1958.
Source: Horse Races.net

Longden's Last Ride, March 12, 1966 By: Ron Hale

  Meshach Tenney
Trainer of race horses
Childhood friend and business partner of Rex Ellsworth.  Served a mission in Colorado.  Achieved fame in horse racing when he trained the first California bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby.
Source: Second Running
George Woolf Great Canadian and American jockey of the 1920's, 30's and 40's.   The George Woolf award is the most formidable jockey award in the nation.   "The Iceman" was a jockey for 19 years during which time he rode 3784 mounts including 721 winners.   In 1936 he won the Preakness aboard Bolt Venture.   In 1938 aboard Seabiscuit he captured the Pimlico Special.   In fact the only major race he did not win was the Kentucky Derby.   Woolf was killed while riding Please Me at the Santa Anita track in 1946.  
Source: Info Ramp.net

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