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Mitch Davis

Photo: Meridian Magazine

He was 27 years old with two kids when he started film school, 29 years old with three kids when he left. He was hired out of film school by Walt Disney Productions. Mitch left Disney to take a job as VP of development for a company that had an output deal with Columbia Studios. It was there that Mitch met Producer Gerald Molen. He moved to Colorado to write scripts and was called to serve as bishop. He was released after 5 years and went back to film making. The Other Side of Heaven was released in 2001.

Source: Sneak Preview: The Other Side of Heaven by Kieth Merrill,Meridian Magazine, 09 May 2001


Laraine Day
Laraine was born in Roosevelt, Utah, the daughter of a prominent businessman. She became interested in acting when the family moved to California. She achieved her greatest popularity playing the part of Nurse Lamont in the Dr. Kildare series. She was married 13 years to her second husband, Leo Durocher, and took such an active interest in his career that she became known as "The First Lady of Baseball."

Laraine Day page on Famous Mormons

Photo  peoples.ru

Isabelle Collin Dufresne

"Ultra Violet"

Isabelle Collin Dufresne “Ultra Violet” was an artist, author and both a colleague of Andy Warhol and one of the pop artist's so-called superstars. She also worked for and studied with the artist Salvador Dalí.  

In 1963, Dalí introduced Isabelle to Andy Warhol, and soon she moved into his studio, "The Factory". Warhol's suggested she choose the stage name "Ultra Violet", because it was her preferred fashion her hair color at the time was often violet or lilac. She became one of Warhol’s “superstars", and appeared   in over a dozen movies.

 Violet, was baptized in 1981. From the day of her baptism until her death, she was a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She died 14 June 2014 at the age of 78 her funeral was held in New York City at an LDS chapel.

Andy Warhol’s Mormon sidekick, Ultra Violet, laid to rest

Eliza Dushku
"I kind of fell out of Mormonism at a young age. My brothers and I were not completely rebellious, but I remember driving to church in the minivan on Sunday--church is three hours long if you're Mormon-- we would stop at a red light, throw open the slider [door] and run for the hills. My mother would be screaming!"
Source Kristin Veitch  

Eliza was raised with a strict Mormon parents she is not active at this time

In 2014 at Comic Con in Salt Lake she said She’s been inspired by her own mother’s courage and grace, she said. And she’ll always be grateful that she was raised in the LDS Church, she said, although she has chosen a different path.

"There will always be that part of me that’s Mormon," she said, adding she has a Mormon tattoo on her hip, declining to show it off. "That’s a different show," she said.  Deseret News

Famous Mormon Vampires

Internet Movie Database


Aaron Edward Eckhart

While at Brigham Young University, Aaron Eckhart performed in the Mormon-themed film, Godly Sorrow. He served a Mormon mission in the Geneva Switzerland Mission.  Aaron is not a practicing Mormon at this time

Talking to Entertainment Weekly about his Mormon faith, Aaron revealed: "I'm sure people think I'm a Mormon, but I don't know that I'm a Mormon anymore, you know? To be honest, to be perfectly clear, I'd be a hypocrite if I did say that I was, just because I haven't lived that lifestyle for so many years."


Byron Foulger
He began performing with stock and repertory companies after graduating from the University of Utah.  A man of meek, edgy countenance, his short stature and squinty stare could be used for playing both humble and shady fellows.  Although predominantly employed as an owlish storekeeper, mortician, professor, or bank teller, his better parts had darker intentions - exceptional as weasly, mealy-mouthed, whining henchmen who would inevitably show their yellow streak by the film's end.  He moved on into TV in the 50s and 60s, displaying a comedy side in many folksy, rural sitcoms.  He died of heart problems in 1970. (1899-1970)
(Source: Gary Brumburgh, IMDB)
Internet Movie Database

Kevin J. Foxe
He was the Executive Producer of the $35,000 independent film Blair Witch that made $140 million, in 1999.  Matt Anderson, an alumnus of the Germany Berlin Mission announced 28 Jul 2002 on the alumni web site that he helped the elders teach the discussions to Kevin Foxe, and he set a baptismal date.  Kevin confirmed in an email to Famous Mormons that he is very proud to be a member of the Church.  Internet Movie Database

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