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Kevin Rahm

Kevin is a  return missionary (France & Switzerland). "It was the two, best years of my life." Irene Ryan Award, best college actor. From 1999-2000, he appeared as Dr. Daniel Kozak on the TV series Jesse. Appeared as Kyle Mcarty on the TV Series Judging Amy (1999). He was also in an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 playing"Norvo Tigan" in episode: "Prodigal Daughter" Kevin was in Desperate Housewives  and played Ted Chaough on Mad Men

Kevin has said he is no longer a practicing Mormon

 Internet Movie Database

Watch more Mad Men videos on Frequency

Kevin talking about being a Missionary

Aaron Ruell

Aaron Ruell was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California. He discovered still photography and filmmaking in high school, which led him to Brigham Young University's film school. Ruell is primarily a writer and director and his work includes several short films as well as a series of national television commercials.Napoleon Dynamite marks Aaron's acting debut.

Ken Sansom

 Very talented in the  commercial voice work and acted in some 20 movies. He was also the voice of "Rabbit" in the "Winnie the Pooh" cartoons. "Sansom and Then Some" was the name of a KSL radio program he did in the 1960s.IMDb

Rick Schroder

“Schroder is ... a religious man; four years ago, he converted to Mormonism, joining his wife, who was already a member.” 
Source: East Valley Tribune, 26 Sep 2004

Rick Schroeder joined the Church in Pacific Palisades Ward in the California Santa Monica Stake.

Schroder Conversion Story 


Rick Thomas

The truth is there is room for a little bit of everything on the strip, and no one knows that better than Thomas.  He's embarking on his seventh summer as an afternoon headliner, doing a family-friendly show that manages an innuendo or two but doesn't embarrass his Mormon upbringing.
from www.reviewjournal.com

Rick Thomas is a premier illusionist having completed two world tours covering over 30 countries. High honors include the coveted “Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts and "Stage Magician of the Year" by the World Magic Awards.

Rick served his mission in Austria.



Paul Walker

Paul Walker best known for The Fast and the Furious film series of movies

"The guys I respect are the guys who manage it well. You hear about the scandal in the industry. I was raised Mormon, and I went to Christian high school, and I thought it would be impossible to have a family, so for that reason I was reluctant to be a part of it because I thought it meant sacrificing all that."

Source On the Wild Side by Kate Perchuk, Women.com

According to a USA Today article, Walker states that "I still hold myself accountable. I'm not the kind of guy who's taking advantage of my position. I could be sleeping with a different 18-year-old girl every day if I wanted to. But that's not my speed."

Paul was brought up in a Mormon-household, Paul has said that he considers himself a non-denominational Christian

Paul  passed away at the age of 40 following a fiery car crash in Southern California on November 30th 2013

Ellen Wheeler

Ellen Wheeler is a Mormon born in Hollywood but raised in Cedar City, Utah.  She’s been a member of the church all her life.  Currently living with her husband and children in New York. In 1986 she won the Daytime Award Emmy   for "Outstanding Ingénue in a Drama Series" for her work as Marley and Vicky Love onAnother World. In 1988 she won another Daytime Emmy for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series", for her work as Cindy Parker Chandler on All My Children. Ellen's character was one of the first AIDS patients on daytime television.

In the 1990s, she started directing soap operas rather than starring in them. In 2004she was promoted to executive producer of Guiding Light  answers.com

Ellen Wheeler Named EP Of Guiding Light



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