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Welcome to Famous Mormon Women   This site is dedicated to celebrating the lives and accomplishments of Women members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , Mormon Church who have achieved some level of fame in their lives. The women listed in the area of the  are also found by category at  Famous.mormons.net  I have had many emails asking to put the women in a separate area by themselves  so here you go listed alphabetical !
Tairia Mims Flowers



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Jamie Dantzscher
gymnastics (USA)
2000 Sydney
She ended her Olympic competition when the US team ended in 4th place. She performed poorly in earlier qualifiers, leaving her out of individual competition. For the US team, she performed best on the Uneven Bars and in the Floor Exercises, doing much better than she did in the qualifiers. However, her performance wasn't enough to boost the US team to a medal.
Neleh Dennis
Contestant: Survivor Marquesas (2002)
Neleh Dennis appeared on Survivor (2002). She is a 21-year-old student from Layton, Utah. "Neleh" is "Helen" spelled backwards. She is a Mormon, and she brought "scriptures" as her luxury item.


Desert News

Michele Despain



Hoeger's dad was born and raised in Venezuela, and Hoeger is also a dual citizen. He and his dad competed in luge for Venezuela in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, fulfilling a lifelong dream for Hoeger's dad.

Sheri L. Dew

Sheri Dew graduated from Brigham Young University. She served as second counselor in the general Relief Society from 1997 to 2002. In March 2003 the White House appointed her a member of the U.S. Delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. She is also the author of the biographies of President Gordon B. Hinckley and President Ezra Taft Benson and the inspirational book No Doubt About It  Deseretbook.com
Liriel Domiciano Liriel Domiciano, is a convert to the church and a native of Brazil. Liriel is a star in her home country, winning the Brazilian version of American Idol and has sold millions of CD's . Quoted in the Church News, Liriel said, "as I continue to surround myself with all that the gospel represents, I am protected. The gospel is my shield."

Wikipedia Liriel Domiciano


Carlene Duda

Carlene Duda is the author of two cookbooks, “Beyond Oatmeal, 101 Breakfast Recipes”, and “Completely Breakfast”  Summer ’08.     Her passion for breakfast foods is evident in her recipes which are the inspiration for her books.  Her award winning recipes have been publishedIn newspapers and copyrighted by C&H Sugar Company.

 Carlene attended Ricks College (BYU-Idaho) and Brigham Young University. She is a culinary writer, teacher, and cook.She lives in Puyallup Washington, with her husband Scott, and their four children.

Megan Dirkmaat Megan Dirkmaat
Rowing (USA)
silver 2004 Athens
From San Jose, California, Sister Dirkmaat was part of the U.S. crew that placed second in the 22 Aug women's eight finals.  The Americans finished 1.86 seconds behind gold-medalists of Romania.
Kelly Eisenhour
Kelly Eisenhour is a prolific jazz vocalist. She has performed in various jazz festivals and has toured as guest soloist with the Boston Pops conducted by Keith Lockhart. She is also a songwriter and arranger, and has done numerous projects in that capacity, including the 2006 Grammy award winning album, Gladys Knight: One Voice, in which she serves as songwriter, soloist, co-arranger, and assistant choir director. Kelly has three jazz recordings
Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops says, "Kelly's such a great performer, it's truly a pleasure to share a stage with her. Great sound, great approach to the music, really versatile. ....she's the real thing."
The Fab Five

Season 5 contestants


Five Mormon Girls from Morgan Utah

From a dairy farm in rural Utah where life consisted of raising wheat, cows, and family, came five fabulous sisters who could accomplish daily dairy chores in the morning and dance like wildfire at dusk. Nearly three decades of dancing has brought tours, trophies, husbands, and kids. Ultimately, the sisters' lives have been filled with smiles and tears: their father lost his farm to economic hardships, a child with severe Cerebral Palsy and another with kidney disease, but through it all, family and dancing were there. Win or lose, The Fab 5 are forever family strong.  NBC.com

Terri Ferran Terri Ferran grew up in a small Colorado town that offered little in the way of entertainment. She escaped through reading (and later on a Continental Trailways bus), and although the town didn't have a library, she eagerly anticipated the coming of the Bookmobile and would check out stacks of books at a time.

She moved to Utah as a high school senior where she joined the LDS Church and met her husband, Tod. She dreamed of being a writer but took the safe route of becoming a CPA. She finally got brave enough to quit working in the safe world of numbers to pursue her dream of writing and also to spend more time with her children. She got her first book, Finding Faith published in 2007 and is excited to be living her dream of writing in real life.

Check out her website at www.terriferran.com


Tairia Mims Flowers Tairia Mims Flowers
softball (USA)
gold 2004 Athens
Team USA went undefeated, giving up only one run during the Games. Sister Mims Flowers is from Tucson, Arizona.

Amy Freeze
Yes, that really is her name!

Amy Freeze is the weekend meteorologist at WABC-TV in New York. She was the chief meteorologist for Fox owned-and-operated station WFLD in Chicago from 2007–2011.

Freeze has certificate number 111 from the American Meteorological Society as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist—she was one of the first 20 women in the world to receive this certification. In addition, Freeze has her National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society Seals of Approval. She is a three-time National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award winner.

Before joining WFLD, she worked for NBC's WCAU in Philadelphia for four years. During that time she went to the plaza in New York City to fill in for the "Weekend Today Show". She also worked in Denver at both KWGN and KMGH. She began her broadcasting career in Portland, OR at KPTV. Freeze had a cameo appearance in the "Scrubs" episode My Life in Four Cameras. Freeze uses viewers' digital photos capturing the weather, including them in her forecasts as "Freeze Frame." Amy created "The Freeze Factor"- a special segment where she rates the next days weather on a scale of 1 to 10.

During her time in Chicago, Freeze used to visit about 10,000 area students each year giving weather presentations on tornados and severe weather. She hosted the first ever Weather Education Days for MLB's Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Cubs, and for The Chicago Wolves Hockey team.

Freeze was the first ever female sideline reporter for Major League Soccer working for the Colorado Rapids, LA Galaxy, and the Chicago Fire. She currently does sideline reporting for the Chicago Fire.

Freeze has a website that teaches the reader how to record weather information of his or her own (see External links). Her Master Thesis (from the University of Pennsylvania) is an exclusive concept called the Stormwater Action Alert Program which she created during her research in Philadelphia. She has presented on the topic to many environmental groups.

Freeze is a Latter-day Saint. She met her husband, Dr. Gary Arbuckle, when she was a cheerleader at Brigham Young University and he was Cosmo the Cougar. She received a degree in communications from BYU and a degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Freeze was mentioned several times during the ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast, December 22, 2008. It was the coldest kickoff ever at Soldier Field for the Chicago Bears.

Amy Elizabeth Freeze is the name she was born with, she is the oldest of 5 girls, and she was raised by Bill and Linda Freeze in Jeffersonville, Indiana.


Jenny Jordan Frogley She's opened for Ray Charles, substituted for both Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight and sung at Radio City Music Hall and Opryland . . . .
Pick up a local CD and chances are very good that she might be singing back-up vocals or an individual song or two  she appears on close to 100 albums.
      And if you play the "King Kong" video game, hers is the last voice you hear before you die.

      Deseret News


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