Briana is the  author of a self published  book called “Dance Anyway”. Because of the book she has become a popular public speaker in the church and also for organizations, schools, companies, etc.

Briana tells Famous Mormons “I really enjoy it (speaking) and to be honest, I never before imagined this as a career and by accident it has turned out that way.  What a great adventure it has been thus far… One of the highlights was getting invited for a private lunch with Governor Huntsman and First Lady Mary Kaye Huntsman at the Governor’s mansion.  Another was performing live on stage at the Vibe Music Awards along side of Ludacris and Chingy.  Like I said earlier, what a great adventure.”


From her website: On a bright California Sunday afternoon Briana Walker was driving on the 55 Freeway when she fainted at the wheel of her black Honda Accord, hitting the cement median at seventy-five miles per hour. A young, aspiring dancer, just 23 years old at the time of her accident, Briana was determined to create an amazing life in spite of her new circumstances.

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