Tom Hales

He is a professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan who proved a long standing conjecture about the optimal stacking method of spheres.
Source: Famous LDS Scientists

After receiving his PhD from Princeton in 1986, Tom Hales took up a post doc at Berkeley, and then positions at Harvard, Chicago and Michigan. Tom’s research interests lie in algebra and geometry. In 1998 Tom Hales astonished mathematicians across the World by confirming the 400 year old Kepler Conjecture, and followed that by proving the even more venerable Honeycomb Conjecture. (For more information on the Kepler and Honeycomb Conjectures seeCannonballs and Honeycomb below.)
The proof of the Kepler Conjecture relied in part on extensive and intricate computer calculations, and Tom is now looking at ways to take that further, and investigate to what extent computers can be used to prove other difficult theorems.

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