David Archuleta was catapulted to fame after competing on American Idol—and taking second place—at 17 years old in 2008. Ten years later, David has a successful career in music and is adored by many fans all over the world. Last week was a busy one for the singer, with the release of his newest album, Postcards in the Sky, and a trip to Manila, where he performed and gave an interview. But despite his success in the music world, David says that serving a mission is what has changed his life for the better: “I will forever be grateful for that. It’s the greatest thing I’ve done in my life so far.”

Not that it was easy to put his music career on hold for two years.


“A lot of people said that I was such an idiot for doing that,” David said in the interview. “They told me, ‘Why are you taking a break, when you’re in a business where you have to keep the momentum going? You have to be constantly engaged with your audience or else people will forget you.'”

david archuleta arrives airport manila philippines

David Archuleta is greeted by fans after his arrival at the Manila airport in the Philippines. Via davidarchuleta.com.

David admitted to being scared to go through with serving a mission, but his faith in God helped him to go forward with his decision despite discouragement from others. He believes that “sometimes God asks us to do things that seem dumb to everybody else. He makes sense out of things that don’t make sense to the world. So I had to trust in that. I asked myself, if I were to lose everything, am I still willing to do this?”

Apparently, the answer to that question was “yes.” David faithfully served two years in Chile and returned to loyal fans who were eager to see what the young star had in store. But he has much more than music to share, and eagerly spoke of the many things he has learned over the last few years—both as a musician, and as a missionary.

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