David Archuleta’s sister Jazzy just turned 21. And as a birthday present, he wrote a poem and posted a series of photos and videos on social media, wishing his beloved sister a very happy birthday.

In case you didn’t know, his sister just recently returned from her mission in Houston, Texas. And check this out! David posted on his Instagram a video of the gleeful reunion. Just hit the “next” button to get the video. Jazzy comes walking down the escalator in an adorable floral dress, missionary tag proudly pinned to her chest, and then . . .


Did you see it?

I had to watch it a few times. It’s so sweet! Everyone wants to give Jazzy a hug—Mom and two girls sprint up to her (and everyone’s getting this on camera) and then in the thrill of the long-awaited embrace, the little girl just gets tackled.

I wish we could watch this in slow-mo. Can someone tech savvy do that, please? Maybe some close-ups, too. There’s a brief moment of confusion and fear that shows up on the little girl’s face and it’s just hilarious, especially because once Mom and Jazzy roll off of her, she sits up and looks totally fine.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed clicking the link and watching the humorous and happy reunion video. Feel free to wish Jazzy a happy belated birthday 🙂

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