Mindy Gledhill, an indie pop singer, has just posted a brand new music video on YouTube for “Oh No!”, one of the songs from her album Pocketful of Poetry, which was originally released in 2013. The creative music video features Mindy in her iconic blue dress and vintage glasses acting out a story on a stage using stop motion and a cute cardboard set, giving her video a “children’s book” feel. Her husband, Ryan Gledhill, is also featured in the video. It’s so adorable—be sure to watch it! You can view the video on Mindy’s YouTube channel by clicking on the image below:



Mindy Gledhill in her stop motion music video "Oh No" from her album Pocketful of Poetry


Mindy’s pop music has been hugely successful in places like Japan and Korea. Her music is bubbly and bouncy, somewhat similar to Lenka (a pop singer known for her song “The Show.”) Be sure to check Mindy out on Facebook and iTunes.

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