The song “Never Enough,” “from The Greatest Showman,” swept the nation and the world. The character Jenny Lind is played by the actress Rebecca Furgeson, but she never tried to hide the fact that she did not have the vocal talent to play the character.  That is when Loren Allred was chosen to be the vocalist for the talented character.  This part helped to set Loren’s career in motion.

Loren Allred grew up in a Mormon home in Murray Utah.  Her whole life, she claims has been devoted to music. Her father is Salt Lake Choral Artists conductor Dr. Brady Allred, and her mother is the renowned classical soprano, Dr. Carol Ann Allred.  She grew up listening to her mother sing solos in her father’s choir and came to love music.  Her parents think her love for music started when she was younger even before she was born because her mother was still performing while she was pregnant with Loren.


Loren Allred Family

Loren eventually broke away from the mold of classical singing and work on her pop singing voice.  She participated in choirs and plays in high school and was able to perfect the sound she wanted.  This helped her successfully audition for the Berklee School of Music.

At 19 she was discovered by Ne-Yo, the Grammy award-winning music producer.  She moved to New York to pursue music when she was scouted out by the popular singing show “The Voice.” She was picked to be on Team Adam and made it into a few of the rounds of the show before being sent home.

In 2014 she was asked to be in the ensemble for “The Greatest Showman” by the little-known songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.  Pasek and Paul didn’t have a reputation yet because their hits, La La Land, and Dear Evan Hansen had not yet seen the light.

Loren AllredRebecca Furgeson was very open about not being able to sing.  Her character was supposed to be a singing sensation in the 19th century.  So while Pasek and Paul were working on the song “Never Enough” they had Loren go into the recording booth so they could get a rough cut of what the song would sound like.  But as time went on they decided to keep her as the voice instead of finding someone else.

Loren Allred helped the song come to life and has since been able to see her career take off.  She is continuing to record and is working with Pasek and Paul on a new project. “The part I played in ‘The Greatest Showman,’” she said, struggling to fight back emotion, “is on my terms, and it actually is … enough, you know?”


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