Mike Stanger

American Ninja Warrior

Mike Stanger   American Ninja Warrior  From Mike’s blog  Mike Stanger. I’m a father of 2, a caregiver husband, an insurance agent and an online fitness coach with Beachbody! This is where I put a lot of my thoughts and life lessons that I learn.


Stangers’ wife, Enedina, was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes joints in the body to dislocate easily.Since then, Stanger has had to become a warrior for his family, the sole provider and caretaker for his two daughters and his wife. “I needed muscle to be able to carry my wife,” Stanger said. He lost 35 pounds in two years after he started training to be physically able to carry Enedina, who is now wheelchair bound.  KSL.com


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