Sarah Nitta

The Biggest Loser 2011

Sarah Nitta


Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.
Occupation: College admissions counselor

Having lost several pregnancies because of her weight and experienced the devastating emotional loss each time, 27-year-old Sarah Nitta is determined to finally lose her weight so she and her husband can become parents.  Sarah was born in Boulder City, Nev., and grew up the middle child of eight children in California and Utah before recently relocating to Las Vegas.  She received an associate’s degree in general education at Southern Utah University, and is currently attending the University of Utah, studying human development and family. Sarah was always overweight, and says she was relentlessly teased and didn’t fit in, leading her to find comfort in food.  With each pregnancy loss, she says, “I seemed to lose more control and gain more weight.”  Now 261 lbs., Sarah was inspired by season eight winner, Danny Cahill, and says once she loses the weight she can’t wait to start a family — and also to be able to have her husband pick her up and spin her around.


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