Guy Hedderwick

CEO Football, Rugby, and Soccer

He has been the CEO of 3 HUGE sports clubs in South Africa – Border Rugby, a provincial rugby team, Hellenic Football club, a professional soccer team, and Black Leopards, another professional soccer team – the 3rd biggest in the country. He then came here to New Zealand and became CEO of New Zealand’s only professional soccer team, the New Zealand Knights Football Club.


Guy Hedderwick grew up in East London, South Africa. He attended a traditional boy’s school called Selbourne College, where he excelled in sports.

After graduating from high school, Guy joined the police force, where he did his compulsory military service. He served with the police for five years, representing the police force in both rugby and cricket.

During that time he spent three years at the university studying for his B.Com degree in Management. Guy then moved to the UK, where he coached rugby, cricket, and soccer at a Primary School in England.

After seven years, Guy moved back to South Africa, where he met his wife, Mandy. She is a fourth-generation member of the Church and introduced Guy to the missionaries. Six weeks later, Guy was baptized on June 20, 1998.

Guy and Mandy were civilly married on November 28, 1998. They were later sealed in the Johannesburg South Africa Temple on September 1, 1999.

“The Church came at just the right time in my life,” Guy said. “I had no direction and was very much focused on the things of the world, rather than the things that really matter. The eternal perspective I have gained has helped me set the right kind of goals and put me on the path that I need to be.

“Being sealed in the temple has been a marvelous blessing. It impressed upon me the sacredness of marriage, and my relationship with my wife is better for it.”

Guy and Mandy started their own marketing company, which led to Guy getting a position as Marketing Manager for the Provincial Rugby team, the Border Bulldogs. Through his hard work Guy worked his way up to CEO of the team.

He made history by hosting the first Springbok test match in East London and signing many great sponsorship deals for the team.

From rugby, Guy went on to soccer, the biggest sport in South Africa. He worked as General Manager of both the Hellenic Football Club and the Black Leopards in the South African Premier League. His career led him to New Zealand, where he set up New Zealand’s only professional soccer club and was successful in applying for them to play in the Australian League.

Guy has served in a variety of callings including Young Men’s president, District Young Men’s President, District Clerk, High Councilman, Elders Quorum President and Ward Executive Secretary.

“Serving in the Church has awarded me the opportunity to work with exceptional men and women who have set great examples for me and taught me valuable lessons,” he said.

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