Timothy S. Klugh

Timothy S. Klugh is a creator of music, stage musicals, novels, and poetry. He has a large portfolio of accomplished works. His theater works include: Magick & Poison: The Castle of Flax (a stage musical in 2016), Magick & Poison: Drawing Down the Moon (a stage musical in 2018), Magick & Poison: The Musical (a stage musical in 2013), and Trilogy (a stage musical in 2011, co-written with Nancy Lincoln). His audiobook creations include Magick & Poison: No Fate You’ll Prevent (a radio theatre audiobook produced by WOUB in 2017), and The Pleasantville Experience (an audio theatre audiobook in 2018).

He is also a novelist, poet, and an author of various short stories and essays., including Magick & Poison: The Muse (short story in 2016, 2017), Magick & Poison: No Fate You’ll Prevent (short story in in 2012, 2016), The Pleasantville Experience (novel in 1997), Poems & Essays (collection of works in 1987 – 2014), and Death of The Mad Man (collection of works in 1980 – 1997). His 1997 novel, The Pleasantville Experience, is currently becoming an audiobook with a full music soundtrack that he is composing.


Timothy composes and produces numerous music works that have appeared in various theatre shows, audiobooks, and other productions. Collaborating with other writers as a composer, he also helps to create all new musicals. He has created and produced his own musicals as well, such as Magick & Poison. The music albums that he has created include:

“Plight of Proctor’s Ledge” (music album in 2018)

“Music from Behind The Door” (music album in 2017)

“Connected Disconnect” (music album in 2010, 2016)

“The Pleasantville Experience: Original Soundtrack” (music album in 2014, 2015)

“Loops and Ladders” (music album in 2015)

“Sanctuary Of Heart” (music album in 2004, 2015)

“Crazy Summer” (music album in 2005, 2013)

“Twilight to Dawn” (music album in 2009, 2013)

“Magick & Poison: The Musical – The Musical Score” (music album in 2009, 2010)

“Magick & Poison: The Musical – Original Cast Recording” (music album in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

“Trilogy (Original Edition)” (music album in 2005, 2011, lyrics co-written with Nancy Lincoln)

“A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection V” (music album in 2010)

“Magick & Poison (Studio Mix)” (music album in 2009, 2010)

“Song of Neverland (Studio Mix)” (music album in 2010)

“Song of Neverland (Production Mix)” (music album in 2010)

“Trilogy (Production Edition)” (music album in 2005, 2010, lyrics co-written with Nancy Lincoln)

“The Mighty Innocent” (music album in 2004, 2010, words by Eric Gay)

“O Holy Night” (music album in 2004, 2006, 2009, flute accompaniment by Angell Cordner Mortensen)

“Magick & Poison (Theatre Production Mix)” (music album in 2009)

“Small Town Blues” (music album in 2005, 2009)

“Old Beggar’s Prayer” (music album in 2006, 2008)

“Waiting for The Rain” (music album in 2008)

“Ode to Creation” (music album in 2008, co-arranged with Steve Kreis)

“Time for Reflection” (music album in 2005, 2006, 2007)

“For Naomi” (music album in 2006)

“Add Bass” (music album in 2000, 2006, bass guitar accompaniment by Stu Forster)

“normeal? wat is dat?” (music album in 2006, 2014, lyrics by and produced by Werner Nauman (Double U-N))

“WHIK” (music album in 2006, spoken words by Franklin D.R. Horne)

“At the Ryman Auditorium” (music album in 2005)

“Poker Flat” (music album in 2005)

“Celestial Lullaby” (music album in 2004)

“A Few Music Selections Inspired by Timothy S. Klugh’s ‘The Pleasantville Experience'” (music album in 2003)

“Christmas Widgets” (music album in 1995, 2002, 2006, 2009)

“O Holy Night” (music album in 1992-1995, 2002, vocals by and produced by Amanda Taylor Gay)

“Where I Come From” (music single in 2001 for WCOL)

“Timothy S. Klugh’s National Anthem Demo” (music album in 1999)

“A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection IV” (music album in 1995)

“A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection III” (music album in 1994)

“A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection II” (music album in 1993)

“Sampler 1993” (music album in 1993)

“A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection” (music album in 1992)

“Oasis Caravan” (music album in 1992)

“COLORBLIND” (music album in 1992, rap lyrics by Robert E. Conrad, produced by STARR)

“Contemporary Symphony” (music album in 1992)

“Selections from The Music of Timothy S. Klugh” (music album in 1992)

“She Sings The Songs I Sing” (music album in 1992)

“The Land of Hallowed Mist” (music album in 1991)

“The King Is Gone; The Land Is Dead” (music album in 1991, 1993, 2015)

“The Calling” (music album in 1991)

“A Personal Voyage” (music album in 1986)

“Genesis II” (music album in 1985)

“Highphobia” (music album in 1984)

“Odyssey” (music album in 1984)

“Alpha” (music album in 1984)

Encouraging others to pursue their dreams, Timothy has helped nearly a hundred independent artists to make their initial leaps toward their own goals via his own facility called T.S. Klugh Studio, a recording and music production shop.

For his efforts, much of Timothy’s work has received awards, recognition, and numerous good reviews. He has brought about many creations and continues to make more. You can find Timothy on Facebook, and YouTube.

To learn more about Timothy S. Klugh, and his creative works, please visit his websites:

The Creations of Timothy S. Klugh

Magick & Poison.

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