Sione and Filipe Fa

The Biggest Loser Season 7

Filipe: Cousins Team Bob’s Team Age: 26 Height: 5’11” Hometown: Mesa, AZ Occupation: Lube Technician Filipe


Filipe is energetic and spontaneous, and has been told that he should be a comedian by many, even strangers.  Filipe did not start gaining weight until high school and used his asthma as an excuse to not work out and be healthy. He comes from a family of nine.

Sione: Cousins Team Bob’s Team Age: 28 Height: 6’0″ Hometown: Mesa, AZ Occupation: Owner, Landscape Company.

Sione is a very social person and makes friends easily. He is the life of the party and keeps his family laughing. His weight has been up and down most of his life and he has tried every diet out there, causing him to gain the weight back and then some. Sione was very athletic and competitive in school, but always worked as a team player. He is the fourth child in his family of five.

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