Trent Kimball

Jason Forston


FAMILY ARMOR, reality TV introduces viewers to the world of vehicle armoring and bulletproofing.  The Show follows two Mormon brothers-in-law, who own Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC)-the leading worldwide supplier of armored passenger vehicles, bulletproof cars, cash-in-transit vehicles, armored SWAT trucks, and custom luxury limousines. FAMILY ARMOR follows the dynamic in-laws as they balance faith and family life with their dangerous business-transforming everyday cars into 007-esque, bomb-resistant and gadget-filled fortresses for domestic and international corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats and soccer moms. Led by charismatic Trent Kimball and his younger brother-in-law, Jason, TAC is aided and abetted by a motley crew of expert engineers. When not at the factory, Trent is the father of six rowdy children and married to his live-wire of a wife, Courtney. Jason and his wife Lacy are first-time parents, working to catch up in the baby race. Trent and Jason devote their time to work, kin and religion…and along the way they get to shoot guns and blow things up.

“Cars, guns and God…this show has it all,” Grove said. “The charismatic Kimball and Forston families are a blast to watch as they guide us through the complex art of bulletproofing vehicles, all the while lifting the veil on their mysterious Mormon faith.”

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