Monica Scott is an LDS musician and composer. She is primarily a stay-at-home mom of four beautiful children, but has an incredible talent for arranging hymns.

When talking about her music, Scott said that her love for arranging hymns comes from a love of soothing piano music. She might love it because of its contrast from her everyday, busy life, but she said that writing music has always been an outlet for her. Hymns have become a particular favorite for her since they bring the spirit and a feeling of peace into her life.


Scott comes from a musical family. Growing up she learned how to play the violin and piano. Piano became her focus and she had the opportunity to study at the Carmen Hall Studio of Piano in American Fork, Utah. Scott showed immense talent and went on to study music at Brigham Young University.

Reflections, Scott’s first album, is a collection of eight of her arrangements of LDS hymns as well as three of her own compositions. Samples of her music and links to purchase the album can be found on her website.


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