The writer of the hit movie, Galaxy Quest, David Howard, wrote a new in-coming movie, Trek- The Movie.

David was born in Utah, but grew up in Arizona. He went to school at the University of Utah and studied playwriting. He didn’t grow up writing however he knew that he wanted to write plays and films. He is a frequent commentator on screenwriter, theatre and Latter-day Saint media.


The Galaxy quest was a hit movie that grossed over $71 million at the U.S box office.

David sat down with a reporter to talk about his movie Galaxy Quest. He talked all about his move to Hollywood, what it’s like to live there, Galaxy Quest and the writing of it and he even made a few comments about Star Trek and Voyager.

During his interview, David shares how he would spend copious amount of time writing. He was so dedicated to his job and making his dream come true. He would write while at his day job. His supervisors knew, so he didn’t feel bad about it, he said in his interview.

In his schooling, He first studied music and switched to theatre playwriting. When he switched to film, he had a little bit of an adjustment. Movies are so focused on the visual while plays are so focused on the language.He had to learn to use both at different times, depending on what he was working on.

David also viewed family life as a high priority. He would go to work during the day, and his wife would teach at night while he watched the kids. He did not want to spend long hours away from home.

More recently, David Howard along with Jon Enos, wrote the screenplay of Trek-The Movie. Be sure to check the movie out when it releases on April 6, 2018.

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