BYU photographer Nate Edwards was named as the Photographer of the Year at the 2017 annual Symposium of the University Photographer’s Association of America Awards. Another BYU photographer, Jaren Wilkey, placed 5 prints in the Annual Print Competition and had three 1st place honors in the News, People & Portraits and Science & Research categories.

While this is Edwards’ first POY award, it is the third time a BYU photographer has won the award. Five of Edwards’ six prints placed in the annual Print Competition. He also won the top award in the Monthly Image Competition.


Among the awarded photos are portraits of professors that channel their areas of expertise, such as BYU Communications professor Joel Campbell sitting on a set of stairs covered in newspapers and articles. There are also epic sports photos showcasing BYU’s athletes and their abilities and victories. Each winning and awarded photo showcases Edwards’ skills behind the camera and his ability to channel emotion in each shot.

Wilkey’s shots also show his ability to capture action and emotion in his photographs. His action shots take you into the moment and show some of the more fun moments on BYU’s campus, such as the annual blue foam slide the school holds at the beginning of Fall semester.

Each photographer captures great moments and shows their own unique twist and personality through their photos. BYU is home to some great talent, and it’s exciting to see it reflected on a national scale.

To view the photos all the award winning photos, visit BYU’s story here.

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