Hally Qaqa - Miss Fiji 2017Hally Qaqa, a 23-year-old Fijian woman, has received the honor of being the newly crowned TFL Miss Fiji. The sixth of eleven children, received the honor on 28 October 2017, at Suva’s Thurston Gardens. She is using her time in the spotlight to promote the message: “Strengthening family morals and values” and also to raise awareness of environmental issues.

She says that she and her siblings have always had the support and encouragement from their parents in whatever endeavors they decide to pursue.


Hally is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served a full-time mission for the Church in San José, California. While serving her mission, she volunteered her time serving others in the local community and shared her beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, and the importance of families. Speaking about her mission, she said, “Besides strengthening my faith in God, it centered me and helped me gain a love for everyone around me which is a motivation to serve. My mission also helped me realize the importance of families.”

She offers these words of wise counsel to other young women: “Take each experience, good or bad and let it be your teacher. Always be humble and teachable—those characteristics will take you far in life and will allow you to live with no regrets. Love who you are—be your own kind of beautiful and do not let society define what you should become. . .. Be happy and don’t forget to smile because optimism leads to success.”

Hally is currently studying Human Physiology and Anatomy at the University of California through distance learning. She has the aspiration of someday becoming a skilled physiotherapist for a national sports team, as well as, continue her service to the community. She also looks forward to one day being a wife and a mother.

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