Seth Adam SmithThe year 2020 is notably marked as the start of a new era – a new decade. Now, only six months into the year, with so much happening in the world daily, people around the globe can unequivocally agree that these are indeed difficult and challenging times in which we live. With all the negativity that consistently bombards us, it becomes increasingly easier for many to become discouraged and distraught.

Nonetheless, well-known author, blogger, and influencer, Seth Adam Smith, reminds us that there is indeed light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel. In a recent blog post, which he titled “Life Is Worth Living,” he commented that “while it’s okay to feel discouraged from time to time, please don’t give in to that discouragement. Don’t give up. Life can be depressing and difficult, but life is worth living.”


Seth Adam Smith - FamilySeth Adam Smith who is a husband, father, and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as “the Mormon Church”) is all too familiar with the realities of depression and is an advocate of suicide prevention. At the young age of 20, he attempted to take his own life. He said, “Since then, I’ve learned moving forward—having a goal and working toward it—is the key to living a purposeful, joyful life.”

He even wrote a book, Your Life Isn’t for You, which details some of the life lessons that he learned after his suicide attempt. The book has garnered an amazing response and is currently being translated into Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, and Russian. Seth also publishes a monthly email newsletter called “Life Is Worth Living” where he shares inspirational materials.

Seth Adam Smith - Your Life Isn't For YouIn August 2017, in a reflective recognition of the 11 years that had passed since his suicide attempt, Seth hiked across the Grand Canyon—from South Kaibab Trail to North Kaibab Trail. A few hours before reaching the summit of the North Rim, he sat down to record some of his thoughts, which he shares in a video that he released on Tuesday, 16 June 2020, titled “Life Is Worth Living || Thoughts While Hiking Across the Grand Canyon.”

Seth Adam Smith has said: “Life is difficult and painful, but if you keep moving forward the final destination makes all of the pain worth it. . .. Depression thrives in secrecy but shrinks in empathy. . .. One day, you will stand at the summit of a figurative mountain and look back on your life’s journey. And, to your utter amazement, you will see how your experiences with depression, dark and painful as they were, only added to the overall beauty of your life. . .. If you’re feeling discouraged and defeated—don’t quit. Play on, hope on, and move forward. The music you play—even in the midst of incredible darkness—can and will turn the tide of your own battles.”


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