Pianist and composer Monica Scott just released an LDS Baptism medley comprised of the songs “I Like To Look For Rainbows” and “Baptism.” The video features Scott on the piano and vocals by Susan and Joshua Crump.

The music video for “Baptism Medley” features scenes from the LDS series of Bible videos. In the clip, Christ is being baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. Paired with the music, it’s a great reminder that, in being baptized, we are following the example set by Jesus Christ. It shows our willingness to be obedient, and the white outfits worn throughout the video also remind us of the cleanliness and purity that comes with Baptism.


The two songs featured in “Baptism Medley,” “I Like To Look For Rainbows” and “Baptism” are fitting and classic songs that have important messages. “I Like To Look For Rainbows” tells us not just to recognize the good in life, but to also remember the promises that Heavenly Father has made His children. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise never to flood the earth again and shows us of His love for all his children since rainbows appear all over the world.

Scott is a talented musician and composer, and her latest medley is another great showcase of her talents.

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