Taysom Hill sat down with Dick Harmon in an interview with the Deseret News. Taysom reflected on his time as an athlete, his time at BYU, and where he is now.

His NFL career started off with the Green Bay Packers. He said in the interview that when he signed with them in 2017, and it was such a change from college football, he gained a lot of insight working with professionals. “It was a learning experience not only from a mental standpoint and a physical standpoint, but just a routine standpoint.” Taysom said that it has really taught him a lot and will continue with him even after his career in football, which he hopes will be a long time.


From the Packers, he was put on the special team for the New Orleans Saints where he said he found himself playing on the starting lineup on kickoff and punt return. After that, his roles increased.

Dick Harmon asked Taysom about how it was to play as a rookie NFL player and what his goals were. Taysom responded and said that the NFL is a business. He also said that he still has two more years on his contract. He will be back for OTA’s (organized team activity) and training camp. In another interview with the advocate, Taysom said that he is really looking forward to another off-season where he can learn all the procedures and practices of the quarterback position. His goal is to play quarterback for the Saints.

Last year with an elbow injury, Taysom was unable to play. His first time back was on the special team. However, he felt that the season has been set up for him to fully recover.

Taysom also talked about his experience as an offensive coordinator to BYU’s Ty Detmer. “The season was a whirlwind because it happened so fast,” Taysom said. During his first year, the team was getting an offense installed. Everyone was trying to figure out how to work together and how the team would work together as well. Taysom also told Dick that he liked Ty as a person and that he was a good guy, making the experience a positive one.

As an LDS member, Dick asked Taysom how he lives the gospel and how it has affected his work.  There are other football players that are also LDS. Taysom shared his unique experience, “I had many opportunities to explain what I believed in, whether it was with Green Bay or New Orleans. I was the butt of a lot of jokes, not about my faith, but about my age. My age is what it is because I chose to serve a mission, and … there was definitely a lot of conversations about that. Although there were a lot of jokes about it, I never felt like people were being disrespectful. I never felt that people were attacking me or my faith. I don’t know how much you know about Drew or Chase specifically, but both of those guys are faithful guys. They have a really strong faith and are Christians and read the Bible. It was really unique and a cool opportunity to be in the QB room with those guys.”

Now, Taysom lives with his wife in Utah working with Pelion Venture Partners during the off-season.

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