Brooklyn and Bailey, the famous LDS YouTube twins, have released their third single, “What We’re Made Of.” This song is about what it means to them to be a girl and how girls have the power to break through stereotypes and do whatever they feel passionate about. The music itself is upbeat and cheerful, embellished with some amazing vocals by the twins whose voices blend together so well that the effect is almost magical. While they did not originally become famous for music, Brooklyn and Bailey have proven to have gorgeous, unique voices, and they are able to write very meaningful songs.

Brooklyn and Bailey dressed up as construction workers in their music video for their single "What We're Made Of"The music video is a compilation of clips showing Brooklyn and Bailey in all kinds of outfits that represent the many different roles that women can play. In one of their videos, Brooklyn explains that the song and music video are “about empowering women and breaking out of … the social standard of women having to be a certain thing.” They dressed up as police officers, cooks, army women, pilots, doctors, mechanics, Olympians, construction workers, and judges, which are often stereotyped as men’s jobs. They also dressed up as roles that are stereotypically women’s, such as ballerinas, teachers, and weather girls. The fact that they mixed the stereotypes together sends the message that people shouldn’t worry so much about what others will think of them for choosing a certain path; rather, they should choose what to do with their lives based on what their passion is.


As part of their #WhatWereMadeOf campaign, Brooklyn and Bailey are hosting a giveaway for their subscribers, the people who have supported them throughout the making of their three singles, “Dance LIke Me,” “Simple Things,” and “What We’re Made Of.” Their giveaways are a wireless mobile projector that can project movies or games from your phone and a MacBook Air. You can enter the contest by doing two things: subscribing to their channel and doing a random act of service for someone. You have to write what your kind act was in order to enter the contest. Brooklyn and Bailey explain that the reason they did this is because they want to “share goodness” and make the world a kinder place. You are allowed to enter the contest once a day for the next 17 days for a higher chance of winning.


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