*This article was written by guest author, Preston Lee.

“What are you going to be when you grow up?”


It’s a question that kids struggle to answer all the time. For Susie Bulloch, she would have needed a crystal ball to even stand a chance at guessing what her career might look like as an adult.

That’s because, as the LDS Mom shared in a recent podcast interview, “The business we’re in didn’t even exist when we were kids…this just wasn’t a career path.”

So what, exactly, does Susie Bulloch do? At the most basic level, Susie is a food blogger.

Her business has become far more than just posting tasty recipes to Pinterest, however. HeyGrillHey, the brand she started after being laid off as a freelance writer for a prestigious grilling company, has grown to be more than just a blog.

In the last three years, Susie and her husband, Todd (who more recently left his full-time job to work full-time on HeyGrillHey) have grown their brand to include their own line of spice rubs, high-quality cooking videos, appearances on The Food Network, a premium members-only community, and lots more.

The business this Latter-day Saint couple has built—all while raising their family—is on track to surpass over one million dollars in revenue this year alone. It’s safe to say blogging has completely changed their lives.

It doesn’t take long for anyone to see why they’ve been so successful. People love HeyGrillHey. Not only does Susie have the most energetic, contagious personality on- and off-camera, she also has real talent when it comes to barbecuing.

Growing their small business to such great heights has required a lot of work from both spouses. “Todd was quick to jump on,” Susie explains. “He taught himself how to edit videos so that he could edit these videos that I was shooting for Facebook. And there were many late-night hustles until 2:00 in the morning finishing videos.”

Todd Bulloch and Kids

Todd is the self-proclaimed “Chief Taste-Tester” at HeyGrillHey, a company started by his wife Susie and expected to surpass $1 Million in revenue this year.

The Bulloch’s have a refreshing attitude when it comes to obstacles and challenges too. They’ll be the first to admit starting a blog to make money was a definite risk. One that maybe didn’t make complete logical sense. “We didn’t even start our blog until after food blogs had ‘died’,” she says while chuckling.

That hasn’t stopped this LDS couple from dominating in the world of barbecue.

So what’s next for the Bulloch family? After being featured on a few episodes of Food Network shows, Susie has her sights set firmly on landing her own television show in the near future.

For now, Todd and Susie will keep building, keep growing and keep supporting their family as they’ve always done.

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Preston LeePreston Lee is a full-time blogger and entrepreneur. He co-produces Freelance to Founder where he and his co-producer Brandon tell the stories of solopreneurs scaling their businesses to new heights. Serendipitously, Brandon and Preston began working together on the podcast only to discover later that both of them were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



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