Today, Nadia Khristean, a Latter-Day Saint, posted a video of her hanging out with some foster children. She explains at the end of the video that after she attended a conference where she learned more about foster children and the difficulties that they are going through, she felt motivated to spread the word. She decided that she wanted to make a high-quality music video to raise awareness about the struggles of foster children and to send a message to those children that “they are not defined by their past.”

Watch the full video below.




In a video Nadia posted just two weeks ago, May 15th, 2017, she says, “Did you know that 86 percent of children who have been sex trafficked went through foster care as well? My name is Nadia Khristean. I’m a singer and public speaker that advocates for causes. I feel like so many times we want to help—we want to go out and help all of these different causes and things that are happening right now, but sometimes we don’t really know how. So today, I want to give you a way that you can … help.”

She continues, “The foster care system is overwhelmed right now. They used to be able to house everyone, but … they’re close to 3 thousand kids right now, here in Utah, and a thousand of them don’t have homes. That includes children and infants as well. … And I want to create a video for foster children, but I need your help. We’ve got just about everything set up and set to go, but I just need to reach … $300 to get this project rolling and to move forward.”

Nadia Khristean in her anti-bullying music video, WarriorLuckily, Nadia has been able to reach $300 from the generous people who donated on Nadia’s site Nadia has produced many videos that address serious problems going on in the world and continues to produce more videos from the donations she receives. She has done a video for addiction awareness, anti-bullying, refugees, suicide preventionadoption, and many other causes. All of these videos are available on her YouTube channel. Anyone who would like to be part of what she does can visit her website. Her next project will be on sex-trafficking prevention.

On her website, Nadia enthusiastically thanked everyone who donated: “Thank you! These projects wouldn’t be possible without you! You literally help me save charities and non profits thousands in advertising costs! They often can get more awareness as a result of my music videos than they would get from a paid ad!”

She reveals in a post she published today, May 31st, 2017, that she will be working with Evynne Hollens on their project for foster children, which will help the video be seen by even more people.

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Click below to see behind the scenes to her anti-bullying campaign. She also shares her personal experiences of how she was bullied in school. This video is just one example of what Nadia Khristean does to promote causes she cares about.







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