Lindsey Stirling and her dance partner Mark Ballas performed Monday and Tuesday night this week on Dancing With the Stars and you have to admit that both performances were nothing short of stunning.

On Monday night’s show, the couple scored 21/30, tying them for 6th place. Lindsey shared how the routine, inspired by her fight through depression and anorexia, is meaningful because of the butterfly symbolism. (Can we just briefly mention how absolutely gorgeous her dress is?! She looks fantastic. So does Mark, but . . . I mean, Lindsey looks like she could actually just fly away in style at any moment.)


Tuesday, they totally showed off in all the right ways. Lindsey and Mark got into Latin dance mode, with Lindsey swinging her hips like never before and impressing the whole audience and all three judges—another “dance of the night” kind of performance. The judges gave straight 8s.

“What I loved most about you tonight is I got to see the way you dance,” said Judge Carrie Ann. “You are the music. You don’t dance to the music. You become the melody. You become the rhythm track. You become the conga. You got it all going on. That was a fantastic way to do this.”


Even though Lindsey’s been a star for quite some time, this experience has gotten her out of several comfort zones. She’s mentioned on several occasions in the show that she’s not really used to using her arms when dances because, more often than not, there’s a violin in her left hand and a bow in her right. And then there were the hip movements…

“You realize up until a week ago, my hips had never done anything like this before,“ she told Ballas as they rehearsed.

Stirling attributes her successes to her family and membership to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I come from a very conservative family and a pretty conservative community, really,” she said. “I remember milking cows as a kid. We had to take care of the yard. We’d clean the chicken coop. So, work ethic was a part of the way I was brought up.”

Hard work does pay off and she’s enjoying it.

Tune into ABC next week to see more!

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