On July 4th, Spencer Jones released a cover of “Homeward Bound” that is heartfelt, emotional, and was the perfect addition to the Independence Day holiday.

Jones’ cover of the classic song is nostalgic and sentimental. It’s less upbeat than the original, but is able to evoke memories and fond thoughts of home from anyone who gives it a listen. The vintage look of the video along with the childhood clips bring even more sentimentality and emotion to Jones’ rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel tune.


It’s a simple video consisting of shots of Jones’ singing and playing guitar along with what appear to be childhood videos full of happy memories. This makes the video clean and doesn’t distract from the emotion or feeling of the performance. The vintage filter adds nostalgia and makes it clear that the performer is reflecting on his own memories of home and when he was younger. It’s fitting that the music video was released on America’s birthday, since it’s a time when most of us start to think about our own homes and what we’re grateful for.

When we get caught up in work or our busy lives, the one place that always seems to bring a little bit of respite and happiness is our home. Home is a different place and feeling for everyone, but we can all relate to the feelings of reminiscing about the warmth and familiarity of home. The simple guitar, piano and string accompaniment add a depth to the song that wasn’t necessarily there before, and Jones’ rustic vocals make the song feel grounded and honest. It’s just a man singing about home – and what could be more simple and wonderful than that?

This new cover of “Homeward Bound” is full of the love, laughter and bonds that make home everyone’s favorite place to be. No matter where we are in life or where we are in the world, home is in the back of our mind and Jones’ cover is able to bring all those feelings through.


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