Jason F. WRightJason F. Wright is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as “the Mormon Church”). He was born on 1 February 1971, near St. Louis, Missouri, to Willard Samuel Wright and Sandra Fletcher Wright. He grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, but His family lived and traveled throughout Europe until 1975. So, he has lived in Germany, Illinois, Brazil, Oregon, and Utah.

Jason is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author. He is also a regular columnist for Fox News and the Northern Virginia Daily. According to his website, “hundreds of his columns have appeared in over 100 newspapers, magazines and web sites across the United States including The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, CNN.com and others.” He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN, and on local television stations around the country. Jason Wright is also a popular speaker who speaks on such topics as the miracle of opening doors, faith, failure, the Christmas Jars movement, the lost art of letter writing, and many others. 


Jason’s published works are many, starting with his first book titled The James Miracle in 2004 to his latest releases, The Lost Carnival and The Christmas Doll, both published in 2019. His 2005 novel, Christmas Jars, was a New York Times bestseller and appeared on the paperback list in 2007. From his bestselling novel, The Christmas Jars, evolved The Christmas Jar tradition and also the Christmas Jars Foundation. One of the primary goals of the foundation was to get the message (and free books and jars) out to public schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

Christmas JarSomeone might ask, “What is a Christmas Jar?” Simply put, a Christmas Jar is a pickle jar, peanut butter jar, Mason jar, or anything else that spare change can be collected in each day. Coins are collected throughout the year, and during the week before Christmas, a person with a need (it could be financial, emotional, or spiritual) to gift the jar to is carefully selected. The jar is placed where the recipient can find it but they will not know where the gift came from.

A new chapter of Jason’s beloved story of the Christmas Jars is unfolding. Now fans will have an opportunity to watch the story come to life on the big screen. On 4 November 2019, fans across the country will be able to see the new holiday film (which went into development in February 2006) in theaters in a special event presented by BYUtv.

Speaking about Christmas Jars, Jason said, “We are hoping to introduce the traditions of the jar to a whole new audience. This isn’t about the book anymore, or the movie, as exciting as that is. It’s really about the tradition of those people filling the jar all year long, knowing that, in many cases, it’s going to change someone’s life.” 

Christmas Jars MovieJason said that the concept itself is simple, but for those who actually experience it, it has a tremendous lasting impact. He further stated that the stories that stand out most to him about the experience are the ones where “someone is on their knees, literally on their knees, praying for a miracle.” He recalled the story of a dear single mother in Texas who was praying for such a miracle. Without having the resources to buy her children anything for Christmas, she had to tell them that Santa probably wouldn’t find them that year. However, on Christmas Eve, she got the miracle that she had been praying for. Through the kindness and generosity of others, she was able to buy small Christmas gifts for her children with the money she received in a Christmas Jar.

LDS Living.com reports that Jason has received thousands of stories during the last 14 years from people who have received a Cookie Jar, sharing how the experience impacted their life. He and his team estimate that the average Christmas Jar contains just over $200, and Jason estimates that they have given away approximately $10 million dollars in spare change. Jason also points out, “It’s not about the money that comes out of the jar, it’s the thought and sacrifice that goes into the jar.” He said, “Usually in their story back to us they say, ‘Look the money was great, but someone saw me.’ Someone knew that I was there and that I was alone, or in need, or afraid. . . . My needs were met, often through a complete stranger.’”

Jason F. WrightSpeaking about the film, Jason said, “The goal is to throw the most wonderful kind of gasoline onto the Christmas Jar movement and just blow this thing up! I hope that people go find a jar as soon as the movie is done. Finish the film, get up, find a jar, put it on your counter, throw some change in it. Join the movement and then change a life next year! It’s about as simple as a Christmas tradition could be.”

Jason F. Wright is married to Kodi Erekson Wright. The novel, Christmas Jars, is older than his 12-year-old son Koleson. However, Koleson is very familiar with the Christmas Jar tradition as it has been a tradition in his family for many years. Jason’s daughters, Oakli and Jadi, both currently BYU students, and his 15-year-old son, Kason, were all involved in the creation and delivery of the very first Christmas Jar in 2004.    

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Christmas Jars | Official Trailer

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