Michelle Lehnardt is an LDS mom with five boys and one girl and she is the queen—the queen of the chessboard, raising children that are “honest, smart, good and kind.” So smart and honest, in fact, that three of them have earned perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT.

If you’re a parent working to help your kids make it into college, you probably want to hear all of her tips. If you’re not, you’ll still enjoy what she has to say. it’s pretty inspiring advice. Michelle writes on Today.com, “No matter what your score looks like, your preparation increases your ability to learn, your resilience and your curiosity. Wherever you go to college and whatever you might pursue, those qualities will serve you well.”


In another article she wrote for Deseret News, she says, “For me, staying on my game means putting God first, making choices, eliminating too much busyness and shutting out the voices of discouragement. I need to live boldly, happily and guide my children along with me. No influence? Look at these people I’m sending out into the world — honest, smart, good and kind.”

The Lenhardt family also has a blog which Michelle updates constantly. They spend a lot of time together, and though the two oldest are now married and one is on a mission, she remains a permanently influential part of each of their lives and takes pride in being able to say that she has let God play an active part in parenting:

“As mothers we walk hand in hand with God. I believe God gives special inspiration and dispensation to mothers. He knows we are tired and overworked; he will help us, he will guide us. Some of my prayers seem to hit a cement ceiling, but when I pray for guidance on raising my children, revelation comes pouring down. Heavenly Father knows our children better than we do; he remains the best source for parenting advice.”

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