Famous Mormons

 Billy Barty

Actors  1

Wilford Brimley

Actors  2

Laraine Day

Actors  3

Jon Heder

Actors  4

Gordon Jump

Actors  5 ,6

Rick Schroder

Actors 7

Stephenie Meyer 


David Archuleta

Musicians 1

The 5 Browns

Musicians 2

Eric Dodge

Musicians 3

Brandon Flowers, Mormon

Musicians 4, 5

Imagine Dragons

Musician 6, 7

Neon Trees

Musicians 8,9

Lindsey Stirling

Musicians 10,11

Gail Halvorsen Candy Bomber


Butch Cassidy

Infamous Mormons

Lewis Field


Rulon Gardner


Jon Huntsman LDS

Politics 1,2,3

Mit Romney Mormon

Politics 4,5,6

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Artists 1 2, 3

Krisnan Inu Famous Mormon

Rugby / Soccer

Mormons in Basketball

Basketball 1

Mormons in the NBA

Basketball 2

Paul Bishop

 Reality TV

Dale Murphy


Mormons in Football


Philo T. Farnsworth


Melissa Harris-Perry

Celebrities rumored to be Mormon

Russell M. Nelson

Health Care

Cody Alan

Media 1, 2

Jenna Kim Jones

Media 3, 4

Ken Daurio 

Media 5,6,7 

Grant Wilson

Media 8,9,10

LDS Golfers


James Talmage


Samuel Cowley

Protective Services

B.J. Flores

Boxing, Karate

Torah Bright


Famous Mormons in Sports


Gordon Gee


LDS Movies from Netflix with streaming movies



Sandy Petersen


Rex Lee

The Law

Dave Checketts


Jim Jannard

 Business [F-M]

David Neeleman

 Business [N-Z]

Al Fox

Famous Mormons on YouTube

Noelle Pikus-Pace

Olympians 2014   2012  2010

Charlene Tagaloa

Olympians 1912-2000 2002-2008  

Famous Mormon Women



Laraine Day

Laraine Day

Eric Dodge

Dallon Weekes

Dallon Weekes

Billy Barty

Billy Barty

Brian Crane

Butch Cassidy

Alvino Rey

Alvino Rey

Almon Clegg

R. Adams Cowley M.D.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

John Moses Browning

Fabrizio Poli

Earl Bascom

Earl Bascom

Thurl Bailey

Carlos Amezcua

Don Bluth

Don Bluth

Garth Chamberlain

Jack Anderson

Gene Fullmer

Philo T Farnsworth

Philo T Farnsworth

Samuel Cowley

Mitt Romney

Avard Fairbanks

Famous Mormons

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The Famous Mormons website (www.famousmormons.net) began in 1995, soon after the Internet began spreading across the world.

My interest in “Famous Mormons” began while I was serving as a full-time missionary in Southern California for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints beginning in 1978. I had many conversations with people about a television show that had some of the LDS Church teachings subtly mixed into the program. The show was a science fiction drama called Battlestar Galactica. The executive producer was “Famous Mormon” Glen A. Larson.

For someone to be added to the site, I may come across a press item that mentions the person is a member of the Church. However, most of the additions come through e-mails. After I receive an e-mail, I check the Internet to see if there is anything mentioning the LDS membership of that “famous” person.

The Famous Mormons webpage pages gives a few lines or a small paragraph about each person, but I have expanded to creating essentially a collection of short biographies of some of those on the site.  

My sources in finding this information have been the Internet, books, information from the family and friends of the people, and often from the people themselves.

What makes someone a “Famous Mormon”? Well, if I have heard of them and they are popular outside of the Church, that’s   a good start. Also, if enough people e-mail me to tell me to add the person to the page, then he or she is famous. In other words, there really aren’t strict rules to determine which people are added to the website, other than they are Mormon, are interesting, and recognized in a public way.

The LDS Church now has more than 15 million members, so naturally I have only included a small number of those people who deserve to be called famous! Keep those ideas coming about who should be included on the website.

You will also see I am not attempting to judge “activity” in the Church or political preference. I once received a lengthy e-mail about one of the U.S. senators who was included on the website. The person felt I should remove the senator from the website because he didn’t have the same political values as the e-mail sender. Needless to say, I didn’t remove him.

You may see someone on the site I have included and say to yourself, “I have never heard of that person.” That is because I have included someone who I think is worth learning about. Either that person has a great story to tell or is very talented and will likely be famous soon!  Check out the many pages on www.famousmormons.net   and keep checking back.

 "by Ron Johnston"   Google  

Please e-mail with anyone you would like added to this site    or go to  Famous Mormons on Facebook

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