Working with Lemons is a highly successful YouTube channel run by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are most famous for their covers of Disney songs from Frozen, Tangled, Moana, and many others. They also make lots of Disney parodies. The channel was started by the Bourne/Bagley family. Jean Bagley, who had six children, married Ernest Bourne, who had three children. When Jean married Ernest, it created a pretty big family who is now the center of Working with Lemons, along with their friends. Here’s a list of a few of the people behind Working with Lemons:

Working with Lemons Family:

Robbie Bagley – sometimes acts, but usually he directs and edits the videos. He played Olaf in their cover of “In Summer” from Frozen.


Camrey Bagley Fox – plays Elsa in their Frozen videos, including their cover of “Let It Go.” She has also played many other characters, including Belle and Princess Laya. She is married to Jeremy Fox.

Taylor Bourne – the animal-loving sister who married Tyler James

Porter Bagley – played Flynn Rider in their cover of “I See the Light” from Rapunzel

Ari Bagley – played “older Ana” and Ariel

Jordan Bourne – younger sister

Anson Bagley – played Hans in the Frozen video, “Love Is an Open Door

Nathan Bourne – little brother

Mia Bagley – played young Ana in multiple Frozen sketches

Working with Lemons Friends:

Austin Berenyi – played Kristoff in multiple Frozen sketches

Austin Wilson – helps behind the scenes

Josh Jorgensen – also helps behind the scenes

Andrea Nelson – played Rapunzel

Karson Woodmansee – played Jack Frost

And lots more.


If you are interested in appearing in one of their videos, Working with Lemons occasionally calls for auditions. You can subscribe to their newsletter on their website to find out when they are looking for new actors.


Below are a couple of videos that explain more about the Working with Lemons family and what they do.




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