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Polynesian singer Junior Maile released a music video for his original song “When I’m Gone” on Monday. Maile is a talented vocalist with roots in Tonga and Samoa and has an R&B style to his music. While his song “When I’m Gone” seems upbeat and cheerful by the rhythm and melody, the story it tells is profound and even a little heartbreaking.


family camping in music video by Polynesian singer Junior MaileThe music video begins with a father taking his two sons camping and playing catch with them. Later, when his sons are in school, his wife receives a phone call. Her face fills with sorrow. Her husband has passed away. The rest of the video shows how the family struggles to deal with that loss, while the lyrics to “When I Am Gone” in the background shows what the father hopes his family will remember when he is gone. Here are some of the advice he gives in the song:


Take care of each other

Protect one another

Always remember who you are

Be kind to each other

Forgive one another

And know that I am never far

When I am gone

I will always be with you

Always watching you and protecting

When I am gone

You will always have my heart

Always be my love and my blessing

When I am gone

I have always been so proud

From the very first time I held you

When I am gone

I will never leave your side

I will always be in your heart

There will come a day when you will

feel your whole world come tumbling down

Put your faith in the Lord

Fight through the pain

Be strong and hold your ground

Crying today when I think of the trials that you surely face

But I know that you have the strength deep within you

To overcome and finish the race


The thoughts that Maile shares in this song reflect his beliefs as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormons believe that when we die, our spirits will go on living, and we will be able to watch over our loved ones from the other side. Maile wants his family to “put [their] faith in the Lord” through the challenges that they face. This song also reveals that family is extremely important to Maile. Latter-day Saints believe that families are central to God’s plan for his children. Although this music video is a little sad, it also contains an underlying message of hope. After this father’s family “finishes the race” of life, they will be able to see each other again because families are eternal. The advice given in this song is also reminiscent of the teachings of Jesus Christ: “protect one another,” “be kind to each other,” “forgive one another.” Mormons believe that by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, families will be able to have joy and success in their homes.


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