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“This summer (1841) I played my first game of ball with the Prophet Joseph Smith. We took turns knocking and chasing the ball, and when the game was over the Prophet said, ‘Brethren, hitch up your teams,’ which we did, and we all drove to the woods to gather firewood for the poor. Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, typescript, BYU

Darwin Barney

Chicago Cubs

Darwin James Kunane Barney second baseman He was drafted by the Cubs with the 127th overall pick in the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft. Barney grew up speaking English with his Japanese grandfather and Korean grandmother.  He is of one-quarter Korean, one-quarter Japanese, and half Hawaiian descent. Barney and his wife Lindsay have a daughter named Hayden

Ron Brand
Pittsburgh Pirates
Houston Astros
Montreal Expos
He was born in Los Angeles, California.   He began his Major League baseball career in 1963, with the Pittsburgh Pirates.   He played 8 seasons on 3 teams and ended his big league playing career in 1971. CNN

Ron Brand - Timeline

Baseball Almanac

Ron Brand


John Buck

Kansas City Royals

Starting catcher

Johnathan R. Buck and his wife, Brooke, make their offseason home in Surprise, Ariz.  He attended Taylorsville (Utah) High School His high school team claimed the state championship

Roy Castleton


Yankees and Cincinnati

Roy threw a Perfect game in the Pacific Coast League in the early 1900's and was the first Mormon to ever play professional baseball. Played 1907 - 1910


McKay Christensen
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Mets
He was born in Upland, California.   In 1994, he was drafted by the California Angels in the 1st round (6th pick) of the amateur draft.   He put his baseball career on hold while he served in the Japan Tokyo South Mission (1994-1996).   "I would never, in two lifetimes, give back those two years I spent."   In 1999, he began his Major League baseball career with the Chicago White Sox.   He played for 4 seasons on 3 different teams and ended his big league playing career in 2002.   Baseball Reference

Baseball Almanac

Outfielder makes life a journey, Missionary put faith before baseball and has no regrets by Kevin Kelly, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 07 Mar 2004

Bobby Crosby

Oakland A's

Crosby learned baseball from his father, Ed Crosby, who played six years in the major leagues as an infielder and also has been a long-time scout.

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